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Eye on Biodiversity

It is recognised that there is a substantial amount of information and data which could help address current biodiversity and ecosystem challenges, however there is much collected which is not shared, and much shared which is not connected and visible. The cost of sharing is also acknowledged and the challenge remains to provide an infrastructure where the benefits from sharing are simple, immediate and self-evident.

Quarterly update
Unlocking Biodiversity Data from Environmental Impact Assessments

The Eye on Biodiversity Special Initiative (SI) aims to:

  • Further increase the level at which people, governments and institutions share what they know about biodiversity.
  • Increase the amount of information and data which is available for decision making and policy development.
  • Increase the visibility and influence of biodiversity information in societal decision making processes and national planning.

By achieving these objectives, the Eye on Biodiversity Special Initiative aligns itself with the following Eye on Earth Summit 2011 Declaration principles:

  • Strengthening, aligning and synergizing existing environmental and relevant societal information networks: The SI will deliver a transparent platform for acknowledging and recognizing sharing, through a distributed network of connected nodes.
  • Supporting technical cooperation to accelerate the building of a federated global environmental information infrastructure: The SI provides a personal info and data management tool simplifying manipulation and storage of data, and the creation and sharing of metadata.
  • Strengthening, synergizing, and extending global processes for bridging the environmental knowledge gap and provide data, information and tools for decision-making: The SI promotes the Conservation Commons principles, in tandem with the provision of a transparent platform.
  • Accelerating capacity building and technology support programs around the world to further close the gap between developed and developing nations: The SI provides a personal info and data management tool, strengthening the involvement of stakeholders in developing nations. The promoted Conservation Commons principles sustain the convergence.
Who’s involved?

The stakeholders of the initiative include the main institutions leading global collation and sharing of information and data on biodiversity. They include: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Environment Programme -World Conservation Monitoring Center (UNEPWCMC), the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD, through the CBD Clearing-House Mechanism), Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), International Union for Conservation of Nature and its membership of governments, NGOs and scientists, Conservation International, NatureServe and private sector companies undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs).
These institutions and individuals are all engaged on a regular basis through stakeholder calls as well as face to face meetings to discuss and move forward on common shared projects and issues within the initiative.

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