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Eye on Water Security

Quarterly update

Eye on Water Security proposes to demonstrate practical solutions for addressing these and other challenges. Eye on Water Security SI stakeholders strive to meet the challenges by strengthening technical, educational and organizational foundations through inter-linkages with the other Eye on Earth SIs, particularly Eye on Environmental Education, Eye on Disaster Management, Eye on Global Network of Networks (GNON), and Eye on Access for All.


The Eye on Water Security Special Initiative (SI) aims to:

  • Initiate a trusted framework for the sharing of relevant water data, information and knowledge;
  • Enhance contribution of data to existing information networks such as Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS)/Water;
  • Improve capacity for data-driven decision-making in water security through education and life-long training programs, such as through the ISEPEI Project;
  • Promote application of the latest technologies in water security in both developed and developing countries;
  • Improve capacity for water data collection and analysis in regions with developing economies and/or developing information management systems;
  • Stimulate global science, business and policy dialogue based on sound water security information;
  • Establish international partnerships in both the public and private sector to share water security-related knowledge and best practices.
Who’s involved?

Over one hundred stakeholders have engaged this SI. They include governmental organizations, NGOs, private firms, academia and other interested organizations. Stakeholders include: UNEP, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, United States Environment Protection Agency (USEPA), Arabian Gulf University (AGU), Central European University (CEU), AGEDI, CSIRO, Esri, GPC Group, and many more.
These agencies, institutions, and individuals are engaged on a regular basis through monthly stakeholder calls as well as face-to-face meetings to discuss, collaborate, and move forward on common shared projects within this and other SIs.

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