About the EoE community

The Eye on Earth Community promotes and facilitates interaction among the full range of environmental, economic and societal interests – Government, UN system, non-governmental, private sector, academia, and multilateral and bilateral donor agencies in all parts of the world;

Since July 2012, the Eye on Earth stakeholder community have engaged in regular encourage and optimise the sharing of knowledge and information.

Strengthening the Eye on Earth Community

In addition to the routine online calls, in 2013 many of the Special Initiatives convened to have face to face coordination meetings to collaborate on the common interests. The following coordination meeting were supported by AGEDI to maximise the number of stakeholders to successful develop and progress the initiatives beyond the virtual world.

July 2013: Eye on Water Security Meeting: Stockholm, Sweden.

Sept 2013: Eye on Access for All Meeting: Washington DC, USA.

Oct 2013: Eye on Environmental Education Meeting: Manama, Bahrain

Nov 2013: Eye on Disaster Management Meeting: Geneva, Switzerland

Nov 2013: Eye on Community Sustainability & Resiliency Meeting: Paris, France

Dec 2013: Eye on Biodiversity Meeting: Ankara, Turkey

For more information on how to participate visit Be Part of the EoE Initiative section.