Data revolution and institutional transformation


Addressing policy making demand for data; dialogue between decision makers and providers


Biodiversity: data gaps from global to local practice


Arab Region’s environmental data challenges


Donors Demand for Data


Measuring progress towards sustainable development


Building knowledge for healthy lives


Environmental data for business performance


Data Revolution-data supply side


Connecting networks to support environmental sustainability: What the Global Network of Networks can do for you!


Mobilising data to support decision-making for SIDS


Arab Civil Society: An Eye on Earth


Data for sustainable development


It’s an Urban World


Innovations in data supply: Big data and how to manage It


Decision-making in Water Security: Community strategy for success


Understanding the costs of knowledge: cost of data generation and maintenance

Data integration for effective monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Everyone is a supplier: Crowd-sourcing, citizen science and indigenous knowledge


Sustaining communities in upheaval – Data needs to support refugees and vulnerable populations


Special Initiatives contributions to enabling conditions


Global frameworks (Sendai, SDGs, UNFCCC) – Opportunities for Eye on Earth?


Reaching audiences through innovations in visualization


Citizen Science Presentations

Creating the enabling environment


Policies, Partnerships and Open Data for Sustainable Development


Education for sustaining the planet


Principle 10 of RIO Declaration – for better environmental governance


Regional Innovative approaches for cross regional cooperation in knowledge sharing


Ensuring the capabilities exist


Cutting Edge Eye on Earth (Remote Sensing)


Cutting Edge Eye on Earth (Feet in the Field)


Closing Ceremony


Launch Events


Side Events