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Summit Program

Other key highlights of the Summit 2011 program

  • Delegates and participants from 114 different countries convened, converged & collaborated for the inaugural Eye on Earth Summit.
  • President Bill Clinton’s keynote presentation ”Embracing the common vision” to the Eye on Earth community, highlighted the need for action from the world experts to facilitate greater access to environmental and societal information – especially for emerging economies
  • Geoffrey Robertson’s ‘Hypothetical’ led 14 prominent worldwide environmental and political leaders into a fictional environmental quandary over development in their local town Utopia. By assuming imagined identities in the community and these leaders made decisions on the future of Utopiats
  • Over 800 students from local schools, institutes and universities visited the Eye on Earth Exhibition for Generation eYe Day, Monday 12th December 2011.
  • 1755 was the total number of ‘invite only’ Summit participants, including VIP, international, regional and local speakers, delegates, partners and press attending across the 3 ½ day event.
  • 3946 was the total number of unique visitors to the Eye on Earth Exhibiton including students, government employees, Summit delegates and general public.